Mizoram state lottery

Mizoram Condition Lotteries are continues to be held through the government weekly lottery result. The Mizoram condition lottery are publish only once in a while day but two results at any given time that are mention below. Mizoram are daily result and we’re also supplying a accurate links to check on your Winning figures for daily lottery results on though online result are supplied for various pupil. Who each one is searching for Mizoram condition lottery are actually here you’re in right place to understand about the outcomes how you need to certain that your result. You’ll want to complement having a correct lottery figures, That which you purchased a lottery ticket, and complement the initial lottery gazette.

The winning number are valid till 26 Business days. so please submit the facts Has all of you are Be aware of weekly lottery have reputation for every days. The outcomes form Monday – Sunday name the following below it’s mention.

What is Mizoram?

The Mizoram State Lottery is a government-run lottery system in the Indian state of Mizoram. Given your interest in comprehensive and detailed information, let’s dig deeper into its specifics.

Mizoram State Lottery was introduced as a means of generating revenue for the state. The lottery is regulated and operated under the Lottery (Regulation) Act, 1998, and the Lottery (Regulation) Rules, 2010. The state government has authorized private organizations to operate and manage the lottery, ensuring strict compliance with regulations.

Types of Draws:

The lottery features different types of draws, usually categorized as daily, weekly, and bumper lotteries. Daily draws are generally more frequent but offer smaller prizes compared to the weekly or bumper draws, which have larger jackpots.

The drawing ceremony is generally open to the public to maintain transparency. It’s often conducted by rotating a drum filled with numbered balls, or using a computerized random number generator, under the supervision of officials and auditors.


Tickets are made available through a network of authorized agents and retailers across Mizoram and some other Indian states where lotteries are legal. Participants can buy tickets and await the draw, which typically involves a random selection process conducted through mechanical or electronic means. Results are generally published in newspapers and are available online.

Prizes and Distribution:

The prize money can range from modest amounts to substantial sums, particularly for bumper lotteries. A certain percentage of the revenue generated from ticket sales is allocated for social welfare, education, and health programs in Mizoram. Taxes are applicable on winnings, and the rate may vary based on the amount won.

Transparency and Regulation:

Given that the lottery is a state-run enterprise, transparency and fairness are high priorities. Drawings are often conducted in public, and rigorous security measures are in place to prevent tampering or fraud.

Mizoram is among the condition of Northeast India, Aizawl may be the capital. The concept of Mizoram is most derived form Mi(people), Zo (Owned by people (Mizoram/Lushai Hillsides) and Ram(land), and therefore Mizoram Referred to as “land from the gill people”.]

Historical Context:

The Mizoram State Lottery was established to supplement the state’s revenue without levying additional taxes on citizens. It has a long history and is considered one of the better-managed state lotteries in India.The Mizoram State Lottery operates under stringent regulations to ensure its legality and fairness. Each ticket carries a government stamp, and the lottery itself adheres to The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998, and follows the guidelines outlined in The Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2010.

Ticketing System

The lottery employs a two-tier ticketing system. Paper tickets are available, but online ticket purchases are becoming increasingly popular. The tickets usually carry unique identification numbers and barcodes to prevent forgery.

Types of Lottery Games:

  1. Daily Draws: These are usually lower-stakes games and occur frequently. Typical names might include ‘Mizoram Daily 50’, referring to a ₹50 (Indian Rupees) prize.
  2. Weekly Draws: These offer higher prizes and occur less frequently. They often carry thematic names like ‘Mizoram Weekly Fortune’.
  3. Bumper Draws: Occurring during festivals or special occasions, these offer the highest prizes, often going into the crores (tens of millions of rupees).

Revenue Allocation:

The revenue generated from the lottery is split multiple ways:

  • A portion goes toward the prize money.
  • A percentage is retained as operational costs.
  • The remaining funds are allocated for state welfare schemes like healthcare, education, and infrastructure development.
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