If only I had not won the lottery in India

Become a millionaire with a lottery win and regret it? It happened to Anoop in India, who won more than €3 million through the lottery. Since then, he cannot walk the streets normally.

In September, Anoop won 250 million rupees (€3.15 million) in the lottery in India. The brand new millionaire has received so many requests for help since his win that he now regrets entering the lottery.

The BBC website reports that he bought the ticket on 17 September, with about the last money he had left. He had even had to raid his son’s piggy bank for this. All this was a day before he was due to fly to Malaysia in his job search.

When he was found to have the winning ticket in his possession, he was first of all flooded with media attention. Anoop expressed that he loved this attention, but the feeling soon fizzled out. Now, in a recorded video, he reveals that he regrets winning the lottery.

Help with winning lottery

Meanwhile, the state government has already agreed to organise a one-day training programme for the newly minted millionaire. During the programme, Anoop will be given information on financial management so that the money will be spent properly.

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