Big jackpot Euromillions won in Belgium with160 participants winning €900,000 each

Newspaper store De Pershoek in Olmen, Flanders, has won more than €142 million in the EuroMillions jackpot. A total of 160 customers at the store reportedly participated in the collective game. They won nearly €900,000 each.

A minimum of €142,897,164 could be won with Euromillions on Tuesday night. The winning numbers were 12 – 20 – 25 – 26 – 27 with stars 8 and 12. They just found the numbers in a kiosk in Elm. 142,897,164 divided by 160 equals 893,107 euros.

EuroMillions, founded in 2004, is a collaboration of nine European lotteries seeking to pay out bigger prizes than national draws. Since then, dozens of Belgians have won the jackpot, according to the Belgian National Lottery.

142 million winning lottery tickets in Belgium
When the winner enters the store with his or her lottery ticket and goes inside, the winning sound sounds, asterisks appear on the screen and the phone number of the National Lottery Winners Guidance Group. Appointments were then made, but the exact winning amount has still not been announced. The owner of the newsagent himself does not know.

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